Many Will Return Now, Says Congress Leader On GN Azad’s Resignation – NDTV

Ghulam Nabi Azad ended his five-decade association with the Congress on Friday. (FILE)

New Delhi:

Amid an exodus of leaders in the party’s Jammu and Kashmir unit after the exit of Ghulam Nabi Azad, a senior Congress leader on Wednesday said many leaders who never got an opportunity in the Union Territory when Mr Azad called the shots will return to the party-fold in the coming days.

The leader, who returned from Jammu and Kashmir after Mr Azad’s resignation from the Congress, said efforts are on to further strengthen the party and bring in fresh blood at the grassroots level.

The leader said the party Mr Azad plans to launch will affect the Congress in seven to 10 Assembly seats in the Chenab valley in the Jammu region but will not hurt it in the valley or other parts of Jammu and Kashmir.

“No person or leader from Mr Azad’s camp ever attended the programmes of the Congress party even after requests,” the leader said on the condition of anonymity, adding, “We will overcome this tough phase too.” The Congress is opposing the grant of land ownership rights to outsiders and seeking the restoration of statehood to Jammu and Kashmir, which was taken away after the provisions of Article 370 of the Constitution were abrogated in August 2019.

The party is also seeking an explanation on voting rights to temporary residents of Jammu and Kashmir and has expressed the apprehension that if 15-20 lakh such people are given voting rights, it will change the electoral politics of the Union Territory.

“The Congress is demanding full statehood and land ownership rights only to locals and not to outsiders,” the leader said while asserting that the party will be resurrected in the coming days and strengthened at all levels at the grassroots.

The Congress leader also said there is a plan to take former party chief Rahul Gandhi to Jammu and Kashmir as part of the “Bharat Jodo Yatra”, which will culminate there early next year, and permission is being sought in this regard.

Four of the party’s five MLAs in the last Jammu and Kashmir Assembly have quit along with Mr Azad, who ended his five-decade association with the Congress on Friday, saying the party was “comprehensively destroyed” and lashing out at Mr Gandhi for “demolishing” its entire consultative mechanism.

(Except for the headline, this story has not been edited by NDTV staff and is published from a syndicated feed.)

Mikhail Gorbachev, the last Soviet president, dies aged 91 – The Hindu

Gorbachev forged arms reduction deals with the United States and partnerships with Western powers to remove the Iron Curtain that had divided Europe since World War II

Gorbachev forged arms reduction deals with the United States and partnerships with Western powers to remove the Iron Curtain that had divided Europe since World War II

Mikhail Gorbachev, who ended the Cold War without bloodshed but failed to prevent the collapse of the Soviet Union, died on Tuesday at the age of 91, Russian news agencies cited hospital officials as saying.

Gorbachev, the last Soviet president, forged arms reduction deals with the United States and partnerships with Western powers to remove the Iron Curtain that had divided Europe since World War Two and bring about the reunification of Germany.

When pro-democracy protests swept across the Soviet bloc nations of communist Eastern Europe in 1989, he refrained from using force – unlike previous Kremlin leaders who had sent tanks to crush uprisings in Hungary in 1956 and Czechoslovakia in 1968.

But the protests fuelled aspirations for autonomy in the 15 republics of the Soviet Union, which disintegrated over the next two years in chaotic fashion.

Gorbachev struggled in vain to prevent that collapse.

On becoming general secretary of the Soviet Communist Party in 1985, aged just 54, he had set out to revitalise the system by introducing limited political and economic freedoms, but his reforms spun out of control.

His policy of ‘glasnost’ – free speech – allowed previously unthinkable criticism of the party and the state, but also emboldened nationalists who began to press for independence in the Baltic republics of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and elsewhere.

Many Russians never forgave Gorbachev for the turbulence that his reforms unleashed, considering the subsequent plunge in their living standards too high a price to pay for democracy.

After visiting Gorbachev in hospital on June 30, liberal economist Ruslan Grinberg told the armed forces news outlet Zvezda: “He gave us all freedom – but we don’t know what to do with it.”

Monthly Horoscope September 2022: Know what stars have in store for you – Kalinga TV

September, the ninth month of the year, comes from an old Roman word, “Septem” which actually means ‘seven.’ Yes, that is because September was the seventh month of the year on the Roman calendar. It did not become the ninth month until the advent of the Gregorian calendar. The Romans believed that September was looked after by the god of fire.

September is the month when Autumn begins in the tropical and subtropical regions. With trees shedding old leaves and winter preparing to hit everyone, the season is all set to change for good. Autumn is also a cheerful time as the festive seasons begin with it. Especially, in India, which is all set to celebrate a number of occasions like Ganesh Puja, Dushera, Durga Puja, and Christmas.

Apart from changes in weather, the month will also observe changes in astral positions bringing appropriate changes in all zodiac signs. Read further to know what the stars have in the bucket for you this September.


Aries, it’s time to break beliefs or behaviour that are self-limiting and push out of your comfort zone. Challenge yourself to find true, lasting victory and success. The current cosmic alignment asks you to realize how not to demotivate yourself. Stop what limits your thinking, give up on habits that hold you back, and change routines that constrict your growth.

This September, go beyond your comfort zone and take a bold leap, it will help you achieve great things. The universe is constantly asking you to compete and take challenges this month. In the end, everything will turn out beautifully, and victory will be yours. You are likely to win in every challenge you take this month, don’t waste this progressive energy.


New beginnings are written all over the sky for you this month. You are likely to be very excited about this but remember you need to do some research and preparation first. Cut off on some of your peripheral tasks and commitments and spend time focused on your fresh start this week.


You probably have some legal, contractual, administrative, or financial issues that need your attention. The planetary configuration suggests you take care of your finances. Remake your budget plan and prepare yourself for rising bills.

You might feel a bit overwhelmed by it all, but don’t worry, you’re doing the right thing. The time you spend sorting things out right now will make things go smoother later.


Your prior wishes are regarding security and safety, Cancer, and the stars are asking you to take action this week to make your home, finances, and administration feel more robust, pressure-tested, secure, and well managed.

Focus on improving your weak points and work on yourself, it will help you grow in all fields. This will help you feel in control and safe, mentally. As well as prepare you to achieve a lot in life.


You are likely to realise yout bad habits and make a list of it. This nature of yours was eating up a lot of timeand energy that you could had spent elsewhere for something better.

You have a longstanding self-limiting attitude, and you will come to know about it in detail this month.

However, as soon as you spot your flaws, you will be ready to rectify and correct it. Go ahead, as it will give back a boost of extra time and energy.


Stop wasting your time and energy worrying about an issue that could be overcome with the same amount of mental effort. The stars wants you to put behind what bothers you and move forward with a positive attitude.

Worrying time is over, now it’s time to start acting. The astral configuration reassures you that the issue is not half as dire as you dread. Things will unravel step by step, keep patience.


Image credit- Vectorstock

You have a lot going on in your mind right now, Libra. It could be about one big things or a lot of small ones. The planets shows you behaving purposefully and with focused intention.

Maybe, you need a trip to relax, it will help with the progress of your cause. Probably you are already thinking of travel, it could be moving, changing locations, or taking a long trip. Whatever it is, just go for it.

Now is the time to take care of yourself and your needs. Go for it.


Image credit- Vector Stock

The stars show that your time and energy is being eaten up by a significant transformation you’re undergoing. It could be a physical, emotional, material, financial, career-wise or location change.

However, invest in this change. Take as much time needed for you to adjust within the changes. But let your emotions catch up with it eventually.

Remember not to drain yourself in thr process. Be kind to yourself, change is hard for all. But this is all for the best.


Image credit- Vector Stock

Your current routine needs a makeover. Things are not working smoothly for you, as they used to, because things are different now. You need to change according to time.

Recognize the reason of your frustration and try to solve it. If needed, upgrade yourself and change your behaviour toward things that is causing the whole issue.

The stars show that you are stuck in ruts. It’s only you who can pull yourself out.


Image credit- Vector Stock

You have been cherishing a big and bold dream, Capricorn, now is the time to invest everything you have got into this. It is because the cosmic forces are  your e right now hence, your efforts won’t go in vain.

The universe brings you genuine wish fulfilment energy, don’t waste this energy.

Use the power of luck this month to create something amazing happen.


Whatever you are working on, keep doing that. In fact, add more to it if you can. The planetary alignment says that you will do better if you stay even more busy during the first half of the month.

Perhaps the different elements you’re involved in can somehow come together and create a new idea or activity, a sum of parts. So, say yes and get busy!


You need to tackle your indecisiveness this month. Your mentality stops you from growing. Overthinking the same issue won’t help you reach a decision.

Make some choices, stick to them.

The stars say that you need to resolve some unresolved issues and move on, there is no perfect answer anyway, so just pick one!

Erling Haaland’s hat-trick heroics show the Man City star is poised to smash every scoring record

MANCHESTER, England — If Erling Haaland really is the heir to Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi then he’s wasting no time in racking up the numbers to prove it.

The likelihood is that we might never see goalscoring accomplishments like Ronaldo and Messi managed during their time in Spain, but Haaland’s start to life at Manchester City has — at the very least — raised the possibility that we might.

– Report: Man City thrash Nottingham Forest | Premier League table | Upcoming fixtures

The Norwegian’s record so far reads five games and nine goals after his second hat-trick in five days helped City to a 6-0 win over Nottingham Forest at the Etihad Stadium on Wednesday. No player has scored more goals in their first five Premier League appearances and the way Haaland is going, it’s unlikely to be the last record he breaks this season.

To put his exploits into context, it took Sergio Aguero more than three years and nearly 100 games to score two league hat-tricks for City. Haaland has done it in less than a month, only playing a full 90 minutes once over that span.

“What he has done in Norway, Austria and Germany he tries to do here,” said Pep Guardiola afterwards. “The first ball contact, he scores a goal. We knew it. He always scores goals. He is stoppable when we don’t play good, but we try to play in a decent way for the fact that we create opportunities for our talented players up front to score goals.

“He’s strong in all departments, but especially around the box, his finishing, and his work ethic is so great.”

The concern for the rest of the league is that Guardiola is adamant Haaland is still settling in, but he’s already been remarkably efficient. In 68 minutes against Forest, he touched the ball 16 times, but managed four shots, three on target and three goals. He’s contributed 105 touches so far this season and averages a goal every 11.6. It’s a frightening return so early in his City career.

“It’s been good so far,” said Haaland, with something of an understatement. “I’m not complaining. There’s going to be a lot of games, so it’s important to keep going and enjoy as much as we can. Amazing, nothing more to say.”

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With the exception of Ilkay Gundogan, Guardiola says Haaland is still trying to get on the same wavelength as his teammates, though his physical attributes alone are enough to worry defences. Just ask Joe Worrall, Forest’s 6-foot-3 central defender, who was shrugged off with a heave of Haaland’s right arm as he stabbed in City’s first goal. Worrall has spent almost all of his career in the Championship, which is considered a physical league, but even he looked shell-shocked as he lay in a heap on the floor while Haaland wheeled away in celebration.

The second goal was a tap-in — just his third touch of the evening — and the third a thundering header on the goal line when he got up far higher than two defenders in yellow shirts. A perfect hat-trick — left foot, right foot and header — wrapped up inside 38 minutes. His hat-trick against Crystal Palace on Saturday took just 19 minutes.

Forest manager Steve Cooper summed it up saying simply that Haaland has “got the lot.”

Haaland has already scored more goals in August than Harry Kane and the England international is in his 11th Premier League season. Mohamed Salah‘s competition record of 32 goals in a 38-game season in 2017-18 already feels under threat, too. For the record, Salah began the season with three goals in his first five games; Haaland has a six-goal head start although Guardiola believes his No.9 will only measure success this season in silverware.

“I think what he wants is to win the titles,” he said. “Knowing him a little bit, I don’t know if he’d be happy breaking records if we didn’t win titles. If we play good, he’ll have more chances.

“I know Erling is happy scoring goals, but what he wants is to win. If he breaks records but we don’t win, he won’t be happy.”

The challenge for Haaland is consistency, something Ronaldo and Messi mastered at Real Madrid and Barcelona respectively. In nine years at the Bernabeu, Ronaldo scored an incredible 450 goals in 438 games. Messi, meanwhile, went 13 straight seasons at Barcelona between 2008 and 2021 scoring at least 30 times. Between 2009 and 2019, he hit at least 40 goals each season.

The numbers are mesmerising and while Haaland, still only 22, is a long way from matching those feats, it’s the company he is threatening to keep. As Messi and Ronaldo come to the end of their reign as goalscoring kings of Europe, if Haaland carries on like this, he’s primed to take over.

Man City ratings (by Liam Wheeler)

Player ratings (1-10; 10 = best, players introduced after 70 minutes get no rating)

GK Ederson, 6 — Found himself with an early touch, albeit 20 yards from his own goal, after a sloppy pass forced City back. He had to be on his toes again when Rodri put a little too much fizz on another ball back to the City goalkeeper. Beyond that, he had little else to do.

DF Kyle Walker, 7 — Provided plenty of width in the early stages, but he did leave Renan Lodi unmarked at the back post when the visitors threatened for the first time. Much more comfortable beyond that, and he showed his experience to see off Emmanuel Dennis’ run.

DF John Stones, 8 — Set up Haaland’s record-breaking third with a perfect header back across the face of goal. Earlier, he thought he’d struck from Haaland’s flick-on, but the England defender had strayed half a yard offside.

DF Ruben Dias, 7 — A comfortable night for the defender. He had virtually nothing to do and will be more than happy to record another clean sheet against his name.

DF Joao Cancelo, 8 — Forced the corner that led to the breakthrough after a neat exchange with Phil Foden, and he was involved in City’s third too with a beautiful whipped delivery off the outside of the boot. Made it 4-0 thunderous strike that beat Henderson all ends up.

MF Bernardo Silva, 9 — A couple of early surging runs from the midfielder who beautifully skipped past Lodi before losing his footing in the box. A classy display from the 28-year-old who had a huge hand in City’s second and teed up Cancelo for 4-0.

MF Rodri, 7 — Typically calm and composed in the middle, showing his experience to halt the run of Brennan Johnson, who was looking to turn on the afterburners. Replaced after the break as Guardiola looked to save his legs for another day.

MF Ilkay Gundogan, 7 — An early swing and a miss from the Germany international, whose wayward strike drifted well wide, and he started the second half in similar fashion. Caused problems with some good deliveries from set pieces that had Forest defenders scrambling.

FW Julian Alvarez, 9 — An industrious display from the fledgling forward, who struck the post late in the first half before opening his Premier eagle account after the break, smartly finding the bottom corner before smashing home a stunning second late on.

FW Erling Haaland, 10 — Insert endless superlatives here. Nine goals in five games now for the forward, who started with his first touch and completed a remarkable first-half hat-trick with an almighty leap to convert from Stones’ header back across goal.

FW Phil Foden, 9 — Haaland may be grabbing the headlines, but the big Norwegian must love playing with this man who had a hand in all three of his goals, albeit via a tackle for the second. Another super display.


DF Sergio Gómez, 7 — Replaced Cancelo in the 69th minute. Denied Neco Williams with a good block as the visitors hunted for consolation goals, and generally looked bright going forward.

DF Rico Lewis, NR — Replaced Stones in the 74th minute. A second Premier League appearance for the 17-year-old who was good value for his appearance with a couple of decent challenges.

MF Cole Palmer, 6 — Replaced Rodri in the 55th minute. The youngster held his own, too, as City outright refused to decelerate with the game already done and dusted.

MF Kevin De Bruyne, 6 — Replaced man of the match Haaland in the 69th minute. Picked out the chest of Mahrez with a trademark switch out to the right-hand side and then the boot of Gomez with another out to the left. Smartly denied by Dean Henderson late on.

FW Riyad Mahrez, 6 — Replaced Foden in the 55th minute. Should have made it 6-0, but he could only fire just wide having created a golden opportunity with an intelligent dart in behind.

Manager Pep Guardiola, 8 — Two changes from the City boss with Kevin De Bruyne and Riyad Mahrez dropping to the bench, while the Spaniard gave more valuable minutes to a couple of City’s emerging young talents. Thank goodness he didn’t rest Haaland.

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Curry’s big 3: Davidson grad, in HoF, jersey retired

Following his fourth NBA title and Finals MVP win, Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry often used the phrase “What are they going to say now?” in regards to his professional resume. But now, the same goes for his college career.

On Wednesday, Curry was inducted into Davidson College’s Hall of Fame, had his jersey number retired and received his diploma in a ceremony in Belk Arena on the school’s campus.

“This is an absolutely amazing day and an amazing moment for myself and my family,” Curry said. “The best decision I ever made was to come to Davidson College and pursue an education, join an amazing community and, most importantly, play for an amazing man who has built this program in coach (Bob) McKillop.”

Curry finished his degree in May with a Bachelor of Arts in sociology but was unable to attend the college’s graduation in the spring because of the NBA playoffs. So he got an individual commencement on Wednesday.

“To earn this degree you showed determination and perseverance,” Davidson president Doug Hicks said during the ceremony. “It would have been so easy, so straightforward to not complete your college degree. Yet in response to that idea, you did what you did to 29 other NBA organizations, You said, ‘night, night.'”

Earning his degree was fulfilling a promise Curry made to his mother, Sonya, 13 years ago when Curry declared for the draft. But, it also was a prerequisite for getting his jersey retired — a rule put in place at Davidson.

Sonya spoke at the ceremony, reflecting on how initially she wanted her son to attend a more prominent school, but her mind was changed when she saw how happy Curry was at Davidson.

Curry’s father, Dell, touched on Curry’s work ethic, and noted that the next time he is inducted into a Hall of Fame, “You know where that is going to be.”

Bob McKillop, Curry’s former coach and Davidson‘s winningest coach in school history, concluded the speeches, saying, “There is hope in the world because of Stephen Curry.”

Curry attended Davidson College from 2006-09 and during those three years became the school’s all-time leader in points, 3-pointers, free throws, field goals and steals.

Curry also finished his college career as the Southern Conference’s all-time leading scorer, set an NCAA record with 162 triples in 2008, was the 2009 Southern Conference Bob Waters Male Athlete of the Year, and was a consensus All-American in 2009. He led the Wildcats to the Elite Eight in 2008.

“Every president at every commencement makes hopeful statements about graduates’ futures,” Hicks said. “In that spirit, I hereby predict, with confidence, Stephen Curry, that you will enjoy considerable success in your life and career after college.”

Following the commencement speeches, Curry’s wife Ayesha and children Riley, Ryan and Canon joined him on stage.

Until Wednesday, Davidson had retired just eight jerseys, but never a jersey number. Curry’s No. 30 became the first number to be retired, meaning no Davidson men’s basketball player will ever wear No. 30 again.

As the audience counted down from 10, Curry and his family pulled a lever in the shape of a basketball to reveal his jersey hanging in the raptors, and forever indoctrinate him into Davidson history.

“I’m a graduate,” Curry said to end his speech. “I’m a Davidson alum and I am in the Hall of Fame. And that’s pretty crazy.”

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Delhi L-G to take legal action against AAP leaders for ‘corruption’ allegations – The Indian Express

Delhi L-G VK Saxena has decided to pursue legal action against Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leaders – Saurabh Bhardwaj, Atishi, Durgesh Pathak and Jasmine Shah, among others – for making “defamatory” and false allegations against him in relation to a “scam” in 2016 when he was Chairperson of the Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC), officials said.

AAP leaders had alleged his involvement in the scam, where two cashiers had allegedly exchanged old Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 bank notes at Khadi Bhawan sites.

AAP MLAs had on Monday entered the well of the Delhi Assembly holding placards, alleging that Saxena had “forced” KVIC employees to convert Rs 1,400 crore ‘black money’ into ‘white money’. They also held an overnight protest at the Delhi Assembly, demanding a CBI probe against him.

Officials in the L-G office said the allegations of corruption were probed by the CBI and the chargesheet had been filed.

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“It may be known that the CBI has already inquired into the case at the behest of KVIC and has filed the chargesheet as well. The people on the basis of whose statements these allegations are being manufactured against the L-G are the two people who have prima facie been found to be engaged in corruption at KVIC after demonetisation… The L-G has taken a serious view of these blatantly false, defamatory and obviously diversionary allegations made by AAP leaders and has decided to take legal action against them,” officials said.

Officials said that in November 2016, KVIC officials found out that some demonetised notes were deposited in the account of Khadi Gramodyog Bhavan (KGB), New Delhi, on different dates.

“The matter was then referred to the Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO) of KVIC for investigation and action. The CBI was also informed accordingly and on the basis of this information, a joint surprise check was conducted by them in April 2017. The CVO recommended the suspension and transfer of… four officials of KGB, New Delhi. As per the advice of the CVO, all these four officers/staff were immediately suspended and transferred to different places for conducting free and fair inquiry… CBI, after thorough investigation, found the involvement of only two persons… both head cashiers, in depositing the demonetised notes and registered an FIR in July 2017. CBI has already filed chargesheet against the two and the matter is pending in the Rouse Avenue Court, New Delhi,” the official said.

Virat Kohli equals Rohit Sharma’s unique record – ICC Cricket

Virat Kohli equalled Rohit Sharma’s tally of scores of fifty or more in T20Is with his fine half-century against Hong Kong in the Asia Cup on Wednesday.

Kohli remained unbeaten on 59 off 44 balls as India put on 192/2 batting first against Hong Kong in the Asia Cup game in Dubai. 

The half-century, his second in the format in 2022, helped Kohli go level with Rohit Sharma for most scores of fifty or more in T20Is. This was Kohli’s 31st fifty-plus score in the format. Rohit has 27 half-centuries and four hundreds in T20Is. 

No other batter has more than 30 such scores in T20Is with Babar Azam, David Warner, Martin Guptill and Paul Stirling the others with more than 20 scores of fifty or more.

While Kohli has 31 such scores, he is yet to make a hundred in T20Is. All of the other batters with 15 or more fifty-plus scores in men’s T20Is have at least one hundred.

Player Hundreds Fifties Scores of fifty or more
Rohit Sharma 4 27 31
Virat Kohli 0 31 31
Babar Azam 1 26 27
David Warner 1 22 23
Martin Guptill 2 20 22
Paul Stirling 1 20 21

Kohli wasn’t the only Indian player to notch up a milestone. Skipper Rohit Sharma crossed 3,500 runs in the format, becoming the first men’s player, and second after Suzie Bates to get to the milestone in T20Is.

Kohli’s half-century laid the platform for India against Hong Kong on Wednesday, but it was a stunning 26-ball 68* from Suryakumar that helped India make 122 runs in the last 10 overs and set Hong Kong a formidable total.

Zelensky Thanks Informants in Crimea After Previewing Strikes on Sevastopol

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has thanked informants in Russian-occupied Crimea after previewing plans to attack the disputed peninsula.

Zelensky said during a video address on Wednesday that he had met with Ukrainian military leaders to discuss the “situation on the frontline” of the war against Russia. He thanked Ukrainians who had offered “support” for the large and ongoing counteroffensive focused on southern Ukraine. Zelensky also thanked those in Crimea who had provided “information” to military intelligence.

“I will not reveal the details [of the meeting] now,” Zelensky said. “I will say only one thing: on behalf of our intelligence, I want to thank all our people who support us very strongly in the south of our country, and especially in Crimea.”

“The intelligence officers are grateful for the information provided and will use it to the maximum,” he added. “Let the enemies not forget whose peninsula they are staying on. Temporarily staying.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is pictured during a press conference in Kyiv, Ukraine, on June 16, 2022. Zelensky thanked Ukrainian informants based in Crimea this week after promising to “destroy” Russian military facilities on the annexed peninsula.

Crimea, situated to the south of Ukraine and bordered on nearly all sides by the Black Sea and Sea of Azov, was annexed by Russia in 2014. Zelensky has promised that the current military conflict will end after Crimea is taken back, with Russian forces pushed back and beyond Ukraine’s pre-2014 borders.

Zelensky suggested on Tuesday night that the southern counteroffensive, which has initially been focused taking back territory in the Russian-occupied Kherson region, would eventually reach Crimea and leave the Russian army without “a single safe base.”

The Ukrainian president also previewed plans to “destroy” Russian military facilities inside Crimea, including Sevastopol, its largest city and a major port to the Black Sea.

“From Crimea to the Kharkiv region, the Russian army does not have and will not have a single safe base, a single quiet place,” Zelensky said. “Our defenders will destroy all warehouses, headquarters of the occupiers, their equipment, wherever they are located.”

“Near Sevastopol—then near Sevastopol,” he continued. “This is Ukrainian land, and the occupiers can do only two things—flee or surrender. We leave them no other options.”

Zelensky told Ukrainians in Crimea to protect themselves by staying away from Russian military buildings and bases, while also urging them to provide the Ukrainian military with information about Russian military activities on the peninsula.

“All our people in Crimea—please stay away from Russian military facilities, do not stay near Russian bases and military airfields,” he said. “Inform the special services of Ukraine of all the information you know about the occupiers, so that the liberation of Crimea can happen faster.”

Zelensky has repeatedly spoken this week about apparent plans to engage with Russian forces in Crimea. During his televised address on Monday, he said that Ukraine’s military had “kept the goal” of recapturing Crimea during the eight years since Russia took the territory.

Newsweek reached out to the Russian government for comment.

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Petrified Sloth Facing Off Against Dog Highlights Heartbreaking Issue

A vulnerable sloth is seen facing off against a large dog in an image that highlights a heartbreaking conservation issue.

American photographer Suzi Eszterhas entered it into the 58th Wildlife Photographer (WPY) of the Year competition hosted by the London Natural History Museum (NHM) and it has been “highly commended” in the Urban Wildlife category by expert jurors.

The image, dubbed Sloth dilemma, will be featured as one of 100 photographs at the NHM’s WPY exhibition, which opens on October 14 in London. The exhibition will subsequently embark on a U.K. and international tour.

According to the NHM, the images, which were taken by photographers of all ages and experience levels, illustrate “the precious beauty” of our planet.

“Captured by some of the best photography talent from around the world, the 100 photographs encourage curiosity, connection and wonder,” NHM director Doug Gurr said in a statement. “These inspiring images convey human impact on the natural world in a way that words cannot—from the urgency of declining biodiversity to the inspiring bounce back of a protected species.”

The NHM has released several highly-commended images as a preview ahead of the exhibition itself. Aside from Eszterhas’ sloth image, other photos in the preview include one of a treefrog pool party and another of American mink fighting for space in a small cage on a fur farm.

The “Sloth dilemma” image captured by Suzi Eszterhas, in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica. The image shows an encounter between a brown-throated sloth and a dog.
Suzi Eszterhas/Wildlife Photographer of the Year

In the Sloth dilemma image, Eszterhas captures a tense encounter between a brown-throated sloth and a large dog in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica.

The range of these sloths extends from Honduras all the way down to Peru and Bolivia. But these animals are facing a number of threats including a loss of habitat, power line electrocutions, genetic isolation and deformities, urban development, vehicle collisions, tourism, the illegal pet trade and dog attacks.

Eszterhas told Newsweek that she took the picture while documenting urban sloths in Costa Rica and the conservation work of the Sloth Conservation Foundation.

“I’ve spent months with their team in the field trying to show how sloths are having trouble adapting to the modern world and all of the deforestation it brings with it,” the photographer said.

When Eszterhas had taken the image, the sloth had just made it across the road. But to reach the next clump of trees it had to return to the ground and crawl. At this point, it froze after spotting a big dog.

This was a potentially deadly situation for the sloth—dog attacks are the second leading cause of sloth deaths in Costa Rica.

The treefrog pool party image taken by Brandon Güell in the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica. The image shows a rare breeding frenzy of frogs.
Brandon Güell/Wildlife Photographer of the Year

“Sloths are particularly vulnerable to dog attacks as they cannot jump or run, and they often resort to crawling on the ground to travel between trees in urban areas,” Eszterhas said. “Sloths have no defense against predators except camouflage. So, when they are on the ground and highly visible they have no way to protect themselves.”

“At first I was tremendously worried about the sloth. But luckily the dog sniffed the sloth and then walked away.”

The dog could have easily killed the sloth but it had previously partaken in a program run by the Sloth Conservation Foundation that trains dogs not to attack sloths.

“Part of the Sloth Conservation Foundation’s Oh My Dog program is to give community members free access to dog training classes where dog owners learn techniques to train their dogs not to attack sloths and other animals on the ground,” she said. “This program has been very successful and over 100 dog owners have participated in these programs to date.”

“This dog lives in an area where she sees a lot of sloths on the ground and never attacks them,” she said. “I was filled with immense gratitude for the team at the Sloth Conservation Foundation and how their work is truly saving the lives of sloths and other wild animals.”

Sloths live in trees and rarely descend to the ground. But with increasing habitat loss and forest fragmentation, these animals are being forced to make vulnerable journeys in urbanized areas to find food, suitable habitats and mates.

The winners of the NHM competition will be announced on October 11 at an award ceremony.

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Jets’ Mims airs frustrations as trade talks fizzle

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. — New York Jets wide receiver Denzel Mims, who requested a trade last week because he’s unhappy in a backup role, aired his frustration Wednesday after making the 53-man roster.

Mims, a 2020 second-round pick, believes he has shown his ability to start, but that the coaches refuse to see him as anything more than a backup.

“I feel like I already pretty much (proved it), from OTAs until now,” he said. “I mean, they’re pretty set on who they want.”

Mims is behind Corey Davis, Elijah Moore and rookie Garrett Wilson among the outside receivers, according to coach Robert Saleh.

“I feel like, yeah, I feel like (the coaches) have made their mind up, honestly,” Mims said. “But I feel like I can change their mind on that. I feel like I’ve been doing that. Their minds are pretty made up, though.”

The Jets fielded trade inquiries on Mims, according to general manager Joe Douglas, who said they didn’t consider any offers because they weren’t “the right value for a player of his talent and ability.” Douglas didn’t rule out the possibility of dealing him before the midseason trading deadline, saying he always takes calls on players.

Douglas said waiving Mims never was a consideration. The Jets wound up keeping six receivers on the 53-man roster, including slot receiver Braxton Berrios and special teamer Jeff Smith.

Mims said he probably will be inactive for the Sept. 11 opener against the Baltimore Ravens.

“Of course I’m going to be frustrated that I’m not playing with the starters, but I’ve got to continue to work,” he said.

Mims played some special teams in the preseason, although they’re not his forte.

“I have no problem playing special teams, I don’t at all, but I feel like I’m a starting receiver,” he said.

He reached a boiling point six days ago, when his agent released a statement, saying Mims wanted to be traded. He responded with his most productive day as a Jet — seven catches for 102 yards and a touchdown in a preseason game against the New York Giants. He played exclusively with the backups. In fact, he didn’t receive a single game rep with the starters in the preseason.

Mims said he loves his teammates and the organization; he just doesn’t agree with his place in the pecking order at receiver.

“I wouldn’t say he wants to be somewhere else; he wants to play,” Douglas said. “He wants to start. Denzel is very confident. He has voiced that, that he wants to be a starter. Ultimately, you want a team full of guys that feel like they should be the No. 1 guy.”

Drafted 59th overall in the receiver-rich 2020 draft, Mims has only 31 receptions in two seasons. He has yet to score a touchdown. Since picking him, the Jets have used a second-round pick on Moore and a first-round pick on Wilson.

Mims feels like he’s caught in a Catch-22 because he can’t change the coaches’ opinion unless he gets playing time with the starters.

“That’s tough, not being out there with the 1s and being able to show it,” he said. “I feel like I deserve to be with the 1s.”

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