Fahmaan Khan on entering Bigg Boss 16: ‘Don’t want to spoil Sumbul’s relationships in the house’ – The Indian Express

Last night, Bigg Boss 16 fans were in for a surprise when the precap suggested Fahmaan Khan will enter as the season’s first wild card. However, in reality, the actor will be in the house for a day, for two reasons. First, Fahmaan will get a chance to cheer up his Imlie co-star Sumbul Touqeer Khan after the Shalin Bhanot incident, and second, he will be promoting his upcoming show Dharampatni. As Fahmaan will step out, Sumbul, Shalin Bhanot and Tina Datta’s family will also join him on the stage with Salman Khan to talk about what transpired in the last few days.

Speaking to indianexpress.com, Fahmaan said that he is excited but also slightly nervous to enter the Bigg Boss 16 house. While he did not want to comment much on Sumbul’s game, the actor assured that he wouldn’t try to interfere in her equation with co-contestants. “We are very close friends and almost childlike. So, I think once I go in, I will be myself. I want to enjoy whatever time I will have with her to take her mind off the game. I just want her to chill with me. I will not want to spoil any of the relationships that she has made, as Sumbul has to live in the house, even after I leave,” he shared.

Fahmaan Khan also mentioned that he doesn’t want to give her any tips and advice, as Bigg Boss is about an individual. He added, “I just want to wish her good luck and tell her that she’s doing well.”

Sumbul Touqeer Khan and Fahmaan Khan became thick friends while shooting for their Star Plus show Imlie. There were even rumours of them dating, however, the two maintained that they are just friends. While Fahmaan was also rumoured to be entering Bigg Boss 16, it was just Sumbul who chose the reality show. Fahmaan, on his part, has been cheering for Sumbul through social media posts.

For people who may have missed it, last week, during the Salman Khan episode, the host called out Sumbul for being ‘obsessed’ with Shalin. Tina Datta too had echoed Salman’s thoughts and even revealed that Sumbul is very possessive towards Shalin. All these conversations led to the young actor feeling cornered, post which she was seen breaking down. Her father Touqeer Khan connected with her over a phone call but ended up using some uncivilised words towards Shalin and Tina, which led to their parents being infuriated.

Sumbul’s father while speaking to indianexpress.com shared that he wants his daughter out of Bigg Boss 16. Stating that the 18-year-old is being character assassinated by her fellow inmates, he also admitted that he regrets his decision of sending her to the show at this stage of her life.

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Salman Khan will be hosting the parents to discuss whatever happened in the past few days, and put the matter to the rest.

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