Man Appears to Scrawl ‘Pedophilia’ on Balenciaga Window in London

Protesters vandalized a Balenciaga store in central London amid controversy surrounding the label.

A protester was shown on social media stencil-spraying the words “paedophilia”—using the British spelling of the word—on the window of a store in central London. A Google Maps analysis suggests it is likely the Sloane Street store near Hyde Park.

The word appeared three times in black underneath two back-to-back letter ‘Ps’.

balenciaga store
The exterior of a Balenciaga store photographed on March 22, 2022 in Munich, Germany. One of the London stores was vandalized by protestors over night.
Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images Europe

TikTok user IvoryFlourCakes caught the protesters in action and posted a video of them stenciling the window to their account.

“POV: you’re walking through central London enjoying the lights and see Balenciaga getting cancelled,” they captioned their video.

Balenciaga has faced a wave of backlash and has been accused of “child pornography” by social media users after two recent campaigns.

The first campaign for its “Balenciaga Objects” line showed young children holding the brand’s teddy bear bags, but one of the teddies was dressed in BDSM gear including studded collars, harnesses and fishnets.

Another photoshoot for its collaboration with Adidas featured an hourglass bag on top of a pile of papers.

One of the papers was a sheet from the 2008 Supreme Court ruling United States v. Williams.

The Supreme Court was tasked with determining whether 2003 federal laws which criminalized the advertising, promoting, presenting or distributing child pornography, actually curtailed First Amendment rights to freedom of speech.

The Court ruled to uphold the 2003 laws.

This is a breaking news story with more to follow.

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