Layout of Idaho College Home Reveals Where Student Murders Took Place

A layout and positioning of the murders of four University of Idaho students found dead in a home near the Moscow college on November 13 reveals where the victims were the night they were attacked.

Using a blueprint of the home, COURT TV reports that two of the four victims—Xana Kernodle and Ethan Chapin, both 20—were in one of the two bedrooms on the second floor when they were attacked.

The house has a total of six bedrooms, two on each of its three floors.

“The reason I say that is that if you go around the back, […] you can see what appears—it’s not confirmed, but it appears—to be blood seeping from the backside of that ‘bedroom number 2’ in the second floor,” says the COURT TV reporter in a video that’s since been shared on TikTok, adding that there were copious amounts of blood coming out of the said bedroom.

University of Idaho Spontaneous Memorial
The University of Idaho community mourns the loss of four students through a spontaneous memorial at the entrance to the campus. Police have not yet a suspect.
University of Idaho 2022

The other two victims—Madison Mogen and Kaylee Goncalves, both 21—were “likely” in a bedroom on the third floor, the COURT TV reporter said, saying that their claims are based on evidence from the scene of the murders, but have not been officially confirmed.

Police said the victims were found on the second and third floor, as COURT TV reported, but didn’t mention the exact rooms, or whether the suspect visited the first floor at all.

Three of the victims—Mogen, Goncalves and Kernodle—lived in the rented home in Moscow, a peaceful city of 25,000 people on the Washington state border, while Chapin was there visiting his girlfriend, Kernodle.

According to police reports, the four students had spent a rather normal Saturday night of socializing before being fatally stabbed in the early hours of Sunday in the Moscow home.

Police have not yet disclosed the exact time of the murders.

Two more housemates survived the attack unscathed and were reportedly sleeping on the first basement floor when the murders happened, according to COURT TV.

According to police, the two called up some friends when they woke up, believing one of the victims “had passed out and was not waking up.” Just before noon, someone from the group of friends arrived at the home and called 911.

Over two weeks after the gruesome quadruple murder, police have not yet identified any suspect, though they insist that the four students died in what they’re calling a targeted attack.

The two surviving housemates have been ruled out from the list of possible suspects, as were the friends who were called to the house and Jack DuCoeur, a man who was seen with two of the victims at a food truck that same night, the one that gave them a ride home, a former boyfriend of Goncalves, whom she called multiple times that night.

As investigations continue for the still unsolved case, the city of Moscow police department has denounced the amount of speculation that’s been mounting around the murders.

“There is speculation, without factual backing, stoking community fears and spreading false facts. We encourage referencing official releases for accurate information and updated progress,” the police wrote in an official statement on Facebook on Monday, after the spread of stories surrounding previous deaths in the community and recent animal deaths to the four murders.

Fear has also been growing among University of Idaho students and the Moscow community as the suspect could still be on the loose in the city.

“We understand there is a sense of fear within our community. Since November 13th, the department has received 78 calls for unusual circumstances and 36 requests to check the welfare of loved ones, an increase from 70 and 18, respectively, for all of October,” Moscow police said.

Moscow police are still collecting tips from the public about the murder of the four students at the number 208-883-7180 or the email address

On Wednesday, the University of Idaho will be holding its second candlelit vigil in honor of the four murdered students.

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