Instafest Trends as Spotify Users Share Their Personalized Music Festivals

As Spotify users wait for their Spotify Wrapped playlists to come out, many have turned to Instafest to get a personalized music festival lineup based on the artists they most often listen to and have posted the festival playlists on Twitter.

Developed by Anshay Saboo, Instafest presents users with a three-day music festival poster featuring their most listened-to artists.

Users have the option to choose between three different poster designs and can choose to include their most listened-to artists from the last four weeks, six months or all time.

Instafest Listening To Music
Music lovers have begun sharing their curated music festival lineups generated by Instafest that is based on the music they most often listen to.
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What Is Instafest’s Basic Score?

They can also choose whether they’d like to display their “basic score” on the poster, which is based on how niche their music taste is.

“A low score means your festival features more niche artists, while a high score means your festival has mostly popular artists,” the website said.

Where Is My Spotify Wrapped?

Spotify Wrapped typically rolls out at the end of the year, though there has not been an official release date for users’ 2022 playlists at the time of publication.

According to Spotify’s website, Wrapped is a “deep dive” into users’ music and podcasts they listened to throughout the year.

The Instafest posters have served as a way for Spotify users to enjoy a sneak peek into what they may expect to find when this year’s Wrapped debuts.

“Spotify wrapped too slow that instafest took over,” a Twitter user quipped.

Who’s Headlining Your Instafest?

Singer and producer Derivakat revealed that she is a headliner at her own music festival.

“The biggest flex is headlining my own instafest,” she tweeted.

Another Twitter user shared their own festival poster, revealing that The Weeknd, Drake and Rema were headlining, while artists like Kendrick Lamaar, Zayn and Charlie Puth also made it to the festival lineup.

“Some embarrassing artists here, [not gonna lie],” they tweeted. “I’ll blame my sister.”

Others joked about whether the poster will look too real.

“Agents will have a mini heart attack seeing these Instafest lineups,” one Twitter user wrote.

Saboo announced on Monday that those who listen to music on can also take part in Instafest.

And, although some Apple Music users voiced their disappointment of not being able to take part in the fun, Saboo said those listeners will be next to see what their festival might look like.

Not wanting to wait any longer, a music lover who did not have access to taking part in Instafest went ahead and created their own playlist using the Notes app.

“Gotta say I seriously respect the dedication man,” Saboo said in response to the handmade festival lineup.

Newsweek reached out to Anshay Saboo for further comment.

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