Woman’s 2,500lb Pet Cow Shocks Internet: ‘Not Being Raised for Beef’

A huge 2,500-pound steer has left the internet open-mouthed after its owner shared pictures of her giant pet online.

Cattle farmer Chrissy Chin lives in British Columbia, Canada, and has a very special relationship with Ricky the steer.

“Ricky is a pet,” Chin told Newsweek. “He is not being raised for beef—he is pure pet.”

Woman and 2500lbs pet steer
Chrissy Chin from British Columbia, Canada standing atop her 2500lbs pet steer named Ricky.
Chrissy Chin

On the family ranch, Chin and her parents keep four cattle as pets and a herd of black and red Angus breeding cattle. Despite experience with rearing cattle, nobody was expecting Ricky to grow to such a size.

“When I kept him almost eight years ago, I never imagined he’d grow to this impressive size,” said Chin. “He shocks even cattle farmers when they come over.”

A steer, also called a bullock, is a young, neutered male cattle. Primarily raised for beef, after around year two or three, they grow into an ox.

Castrated males are more docile, and their average size and weight depends heavily on breed, but generally ranges between 1,000 and 3,000 pounds—putting Ricky on the top end.

Woman and 2500lbs cattle
Chrissy Chin and a young Ricky, left, and a picture of Chin and the 2500lbs steer recently, right.
Chrissy Chin

“You should saddle him and ride the plains,” joked one commenter on Reddit, while another said: “That is the coolest picture.”

A big part of the family, Chin says that Ricky has a personality of his own. “Ricky is very sweet,” she said. “He loves a good cuddle. I could spend hours just hugging him or laying on his back in the field.”

“He loves to moo at the neighbors when they walk by, or anyone that pulls up to our gate,” she added. “It also doesn’t matter what cows we put in the field with Ricky, after a week with him they are super friendly.”

“That weighs more than my car,” said one amazed commenter on Reddit.

Another delighted viewer wrote: “His face looks like he has a cute little smile or smirk. He looks so satisfied.”

While Ricky hasn’t been weighed in a few years, there is a fair assumption that he weighs at least 2,500 pounds as the ranch’s hydraulic lift that can measure up to 2,500 pounds can no longer lift him.

Another commenter shared a similar story and said: “I have a bottle calf that’s now 1,200 pounds. He loves my family, and in particular, he loves to play with my sons and I. When he got to about 600 pounds he started to get really dangerous as he has no idea how much bigger he is than us. He’ll have to go to a processor soon as he’s too large and dangerous to keep as a pet.”

Pleased with Ricky’s popularity online, Chin said that she loves showing off her animals: “I love sharing my farm life with Reddit,” she said. “I like to see how some people see that they are loving creatures that do have potential to be affectionate like a pet. Makes me smile to know people have heard Ricky’s story.”

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