Kari Lake Says U.S. Will ‘End Up Like China’ if She Concedes Election

Kari Lake has said the U.S. will become like China if she gives up fighting the election results in Arizona.

Lake, who was endorsed by former President Donald Trump in the Arizona gubernatorial election, lost a narrow race to Democrat Katie Hobbs.

Since losing, Lake has repeatedly attacked Maricopa County officials and raised the possibility of a fraudulent election because of a delayed vote count.

On election day, Maricopa County voting centers experienced malfunctions with their tabulation machines. The machines were not correctly counting each vote and the uncounted ballots were to be collected and officially counted at a later time.

Kari Lake
Arizona Republican gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake speaks to supporters during her election night event in Scottsdale, Arizona on November 8, 2022. Lake has said the U.S. will become like China if she gives up fighting the election results in Arizona.

While speaking on Steve Bannon‘s War Room podcast, Lake indicated that she and her team are working to overturn the election result following her defeat.

In a clip that has now begun circulating on social media, she said: “I do want people in your audience, to understand that we are working incredibly hard behind the scenes.

“People are saying, ‘Why haven’t we seen more, what are you doing?’

“There is a process, there is statute that we have to follow and we are doing that but we feel very confident in our case.

“I have not given up one scintilla of the fight I have in me. Someone said to me ‘Kari, you are fearless’.

“I said, ‘You know, I am fearless right now in this difficult time because what I fear most of all is what happens if we don’t step forward and act with courage right now. What we are left with, we will have a shell of our country.

“We look at what is happening in Brazil, what is happening in China and I am not talking about the protests happening now, I am talking about us being enslaved by a globalist system if we don’t stand up right now.

“This is our moment, this is our true moment, right now, in our history.”

Following the election loss, Trump took to Truth Social to proclaim that Lake had won the election as well as suggesting that it was rigged.

“Massive numbers of ‘BROKEN’ voting machines in Republican Districts on Election Day. Mechanics sent in to ‘FIX’ them made them worse. Kari had to be taken to a Democrat area, which was working perfectly, to vote. Her opponent ran the Election. This is yet another criminal voting operation—SO OBVIOUS,” Trump wrote.

“Kari Lake should be installed [as] Governor of Arizona. This is almost as bad as the 2020 Presidential Election, which the Unselect Committee refuses to touch because they know it was Fraudulent!”

Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Gallardo has dismissed Lake’s claims and criticism in a video that has begun spreading on social media.

The Board of Supervisors met Monday evening to certify the county’s elections, despite skepticism from some Republicans.

Democrat Gallardo called Lake out for pushing “one side of the story” by not also sharing election officials’ explanations for why there were some issues at the polls.

“It’s a perfect example of Kari Lake not wanting to tell voters the truth,” Gallardo said. “She doesn’t. She wants to push one side of the story.”

He continued: “When you have folks that are throwing rocks at the system, but not wanting to tell the voters the truth—that’s unconscionable. Shame on her.”

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