Family Pose for Murder-Themed Photo Shoot Featuring a Bloody Jason Voorhees

The internet is going wild over a spooky photo shoot that involves blood and Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th.

Over 66.5 million people have watched the gory TikTok video that has photos of parents Sean Malone, 32, and Kaitlyn Vaughn, 28, taking on the iconic madman.

The parents, who live in Tennessee, can be seen with fake blood splattered all over them.

Mom Kaitlyn Vaughn 28, and her two daughters Tenley Malone, 6, and Rylee Malone, 5, can be seen having a tea party over Jason Voorhees dead body.

Their children, Tenley Malone, 6, and Rylee Malone, 5, also took part and can be seen having a tea party over the fictional character’s dead body.

Kaitlyn told Newsweek: “The photo shoot was an absolute blast. My kids were laughing, we were laughing. Everyone was smiling and enjoyed themselves.”

Who Is Jason Voorhees?

The scary character made his first appearance on our screens in 1980 and has since featured in nine Friday the 13th films.

Voorhees is best known for wearing a goaltender mask that can be seen in the photo shoot snaps. It has become a trademark icon for the mass murderer who has also been featured in films with the movie serial killer Freddy Krueger.

Dad Sean Malone, 32, has been snapped fighting iconic serial killer Jason Voorhees while Kaitlyn Vaughn, 28, and daughters, Tenley Malone, 6, and Rylee Malone, 5, run away.

The viral clip racked up 9.6 million likes and 33,000 comments since it was posted on November 20 by photographer Jeff Payne.

The caption said: “It may be November, but I still have a spooky heart. I love my clients. “

Speaking to Newsweek, Payne said: “I love incorporating spooky villains with my clients to add that spice. Seeing people laugh and throw red goo all over each other makes my soul happy.

“My purpose is to do what I love and help anyone I can to feel motivated to do fun stuff. Life is short so I try to spread happiness.”

Fictional serial killer Jason Voorhees sits with kids Tenley Malone, 6, and Rylee Malone, 5, while mom Kaitlyn Vaughn, 28, crawls with fake blood on her face and partner Sean, 32, pretends to be dead in the background.

It seems Payne wasn’t the only person who was happy with the outcome of the photo shoot.

Kaitlyn and her family were over the moon with the unique photos, and she even plans on putting them on her mantelpiece.

She said: “It would only be fitting to put these on the mantel or a fridge magnet. We aren’t sure yet, but we do know the photos will in fact be going up at our house, I don’t know where yet. But we had too much fun not to hang them.

“Sean and I are both in the food industry, but we go to school as well. Sean is studying welding. I am going to school to be an art teacher which is why I love creative photo shoots.

“When I saw Jeff doing Jason shoots, I immediately came up with this story in my head and wanted to do it.

“We have always strived for fun and different shoots, and this was up our alley. When I got there, I told Jeff my idea and he loved it and executed the pictures perfectly.”

Sean Malone, 32, and Kaitlyn Vaughn, 28, were covered in fake blood during their spooky photoshoot.

What Do the Comments Say?

Thousands of people have commented on the viral video and the top comment has received more than 43,500 likes alone. It said: “Jason isn’t the stepfather. He’s the father that stepped up.”

“I think my favorite picture has to be either when the dad is looking back or when they’re having a tea party over Jason’s body. I like the mug one too,” commented another.

Another comment, with over 23,000 likes, said: “This is the best family photo shoot I’ve seen in my entire life.”

“I love the way the kids and the mother just ignored the father’s dead body and when Jason ‘killed’ the parents the kids did not care,” commented another.

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