Huge Snake Found Lurking in Man’s Clothes Drawer: ‘Nope’

An eight-foot python has been found lurking inside a man’s clothes drawer in Australia.

A picture of the carpet python curled up inside the drawer at his home in Brisbane was posted on Reddit by Aus_Scott, and has received more than 33,000 upvotes.

“Woke up to a snake in my drawer,” the Reddit user said in a caption.

Carpet pythons are a non-venomous species that can be found almost everywhere in Australia, except Tasmania. They live in a wide range of habitats from the wet tropics to near arid deserts and are one of the largest snakes found on the Sunshine Coast. They grow up to 11 feet long, however, in some rare cases, particularly large specimens can reach 13 feet.

“It was really friendly, he crawled along my arm and I let him go in the bush not too far away,” Aus_Scott told Newsweek.

Snake curled up inside drawer
This picture shows the eight-foot carpet python inside the clothes drawer.

In a comment to the Reddit post, Aus_Scott said that the snake was “super chill” and that he was able to carry it out with “no dramas.”

The snake season in Australia is currently in full swing, with snakes more active during the warmer months from September to April.

“NOPE…” one Reddit user said in response to the picture.

“Listen, I’m sure Australia is beautiful and has lots to offer. BUT, if you keep showing me this s***, I’m not visiting,” another person said.

“Haha it’s not that bad, this snake isn’t venomous and let me carry him out,” AusScott said in reply.

Australia is home to around 140 snake species. It is not uncommon for snakes to slither into properties at this time of year in search of food or shelter and during particularly hot weather snakes seek out dark, cool places.

“Beautiful carpet python! Great pic, too!” one Reddit user commented.

In response, another said: “I’m still uncomfortable.”

Carpet pythons rarely bite or attack people but one recent incident saw a carpet python biting a small boy and dragging him into a swimming pool.

One Reddit user said that snakes do not tend to be aggressive in Australia.

“Consider it this way, in America you have bears, mountain lions, elk, all of which are pretty happy to absolutely destroy you for walking near them,” the Reddit user said. “In Australia, we have snakes that don’t want to be near you, and really don’t want to bite you.”

“MOUNTAIN LIONS ARE NOT IN OUR HOUSES,” another user said in response.

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