American Bully Pleads With Owner To Open Dog Treat Advent Calendar Early

An American Bully has been filmed pleading to be given a treat from his special dog Advent calendar ahead of schedule this year.

Jefe was caught on camera howling at his human companion to get in the Christmas spirit by opening one of the windows on the Furry Little Christmas Advent Calendar.

The only problem was his demand came before December had even begun.

That didn’t stop Jefe from pulling well-known canine tricks to try and get what he wanted, including the all-too-familiar puppy dog eyes along with a few howls for good measure.

An American bully dog's advent calendar.
Jefe the American Bully gives his owner the all-too-familiar puppy dog eyes as he looks longingly at his dog Advent calendar. The pooch’s demand came before December had even begun.

Christmas is traditionally a time for indulgence, especially when it comes to canines. According to a poll of 2,000 pet owners in the U.S., conducted by OnePoll on behalf of MetLife Pet Insurance, 54 percent plan on feeding their pets more treats over the holiday season.

But while our four-legged friends undoubtedly appreciate the extra food, a study published in the PLOS ONE journal by animal behaviorists from the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna in Austria has found that giving dogs treats doesn’t necessarily mean they will like you more.

In fact, they found dogs can’t remember acts of generosity. The study saw six dogs and nine wolves watch a “generous” human feeding a dog followed by a “selfish” human who withheld food.

The test creatures were then tasked with choosing which of the two to approach. What they found was that the dogs and wolves did not flock to the more generous of the two humans.

But while treats might not win you any popularity contests among pups, some canines undoubtedly have a special bond with their owners.

Jefe is a case in point. Based out of Atlanta, Georgia, his owner told Newsweek how her beloved American Bully came into her life at a difficult time.

“My 18-year-old dog had passed away two months earlier and I was looking at pups,” she said. “I have a friend who is a breeder and he brought some puppies over for me to play with because I was very depressed after my dog’s death.”

On a whim, she asked if she could adopt one of the dogs, and, to her surprise, her friend said yes. That dog ended up being Jefe. “He came into my life at a low point for me and has been such a blessing. We are inseparable,” she said.

Despite being told he has to wait for his treat, Jefe isn’t willing to take no for an answer and can be heard howling his head off as he stands vigil next to the wall-mounted Advent calendar.

His owner said she stood her ground though. “I made him wait. It’s a special thing,” she said. “It is difficult to tell him to wait. He gets so many other treats and snacks, but he is quite captivated by the treat box.”

Jefe and his human companion are looking forward to a Christmas at home this year after suffering severe disruption to their holiday plans in 2021. “Last year, our house flooded and we were stuck in a hotel for six months due to reconstruction over the holidays so this Christmas is extra special being in our own home,” she said.

Jefe is a big fan of Christmas and while he may not have received his treat ahead of time, the video his owner shared to TikTok has won plenty of admirers, having already been watched over 370,000 times.

User Mi.randa3 said: “I don’t think I could resist that face! I’d give in and give him all the treats!” while user FredosMomm commented: “It’s going to be a long December…” Jcpalmer wrote: “Awwww my heart is broken,” with Cindy Perez Mendoza adding: “Oh the anticipation is going to make this cutie crazy.”

Jefe’s owner said she shared the clip as it perfectly captures her dog’s “funny personality.” “He is always getting treats, but he was just sitting and howling at this tree calendar like it was killing him to not get one,” she said. “I thought it was cute how he was in such sorrow over it.”

Though she didn’t expect the video to get quite such a big response online, she believes it provides further proof that our furry friends love the festive season just as much as we do.

“I think, because the holidays are coming up, people find it cute to see how dogs can be excited for Christmas as well,” she said.

Jefe is certainly counting down the days.

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