Cats Caught Sleeping in Trash Bags Delight Internet: ‘No Bed Needed’

Cats are known for being unconventional creatures, at times ungrateful, ignoring all the expensive toys and accessories owners buy for them; but it’s not like they don’t like playing, they often just like the cheapest cardboard boxes and plastic bags.

A couple of cats have left the internet in stitches after a video of them sleeping in “trash bags” went viral on social media.

In the video, shared on TikTok earlier in January by the cats’ owner under the username Appa_tabbycat, the two felines can be seen sleeping in trash bags, enjoying their plastic bed more than they would enjoy an expensive fur pet pillow.

The hilarious clip comes with a caption that says: “Cats are expensive,” followed by, “My cats sleep in trash bags [how about yours]?”

If you’re a cat owner you may have already noticed that your cat would rather play with plastic bags than with fancy, expensive toys and trees. But why are cats attracted to plastic bags?

According to Hill’s Pets, plastic bags appeal to cats’ senses for a variety of reasons, mostly because of the crinkle of the plastic, the smell of the food that may have been in them and the smooth surface they feel under their paws.

However, cats and plastic bags are a potentially dangerous combination. For example a cat could get plastic handles wrapped around its neck, which could stop it breathing. The safest way to prevent these types of accidents is to keep plastic bags out of your cat’s reach at all times.

cats sleeping in trash bags melt hearts
Stock image of a cat in a bag. The internet was left in stitches by two cats sleeping in trash bags.
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Commenting on the video, Rema wrote: “Plz be careful w plastic bags around cats. My cat almost suffocated in one & he couldn’t get out. Thankfully I was around & saved him.”

Nevertheless, the video has received over 1.2 million views and 212,000 likes.

One user, Alex, commented: “Mine sitting on the toilet lid instead of his 100$ tree.”

Reezling said: “The cat is IN the bag.”

Angel said: “I swear cats are the easiest animals to have, and the most entertaining.”

Adriana_awesomeness added: “My cat used to only like the cheap cat food the expensive ones he wouldn’t eat.”

Another user, shi, commented: “Ppl kept telling me I need to get rid of mine when I got pregnant bc they’re ‘expensive.’ My cats play with cardboard boxes and tampons.”

Pita said: “Always the orange cats.”

Idksomedegenusername added: “All I will say is put a $1000 cat tree next to a cardboard box. Watch what will cat go to first.”

Newsweek has reached out to Appa_tabbycat for comment. We could not verify the details of the case.

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