Destiny 2: How to Get Map Fragments

Destiny 2 is rife with various collectibles and resources to gather, and it seems with every new update there are even more to seek out. Map Fragments are one of the newest resources added to the game as of Destiny 2 Season 18, and you’ll want to get your hands on some if you want to craft Treasure Maps, along with Treasure Coordinates.

These new items will help you to unlock all of the fun, pirate-centric gear so you can get down to what really matters: getting the best equipment possible. Map Fragments will help you get there, and it’s actually quite easy to gather them, especially if you complete activities related to the new content as of Season 18.

How to get Map Fragments in Destiny 2

The first place you can start grabbing Map Fragments in Destiny 2 is the new Ketchcrash activity. This new 6-player PvE activity has players attacking an enemy Ketch, heading aboard, completing multi-part objectives, and then defeating the captain before the activity ends. You’re rewarded with 10 Map Fragments after every run, which isn’t a bad set of spoils for the lack of difficult work you have to do to get them.

That means that, to farm Map Fragments, all you really need to do is load up some eager players and start playing a bunch of Ketchcrash. When you’re more familiar with the basics and have how to play down pat, you might want to crank the difficulty up a bit and play on Master difficulty. You could end up getting extra Map Fragments for your trouble.

Once you have plenty of Map Fragments, you’ll be able to start looking for Treasure Coordinates, which you need to craft Treasure Maps along with Map Fragments. When you combine Map Fragments and Treasure Coordinates, you can use them to make a Treasure Map to get bonus loot you can use in Expedition missions.

Destiny 2: Map Fragments
Destiny 2 Map Fragments are an important resource you can gather in-game as of Season 8. You’ll need them if you want to craft Treasure Maps.

You’ll want to have as much loot as possible at your disposal by the time Destiny 2: Lightfall debuts. The upcoming expansion is coming to Destiny 2 on February 28, 2023, at which point it will bring plenty of new activities to complete and enemies to fell, like Tormentors and Cloud Striders.

Players will square off against the nefarious Shadow Legion in the city of Neomuna, a location that’s unlike any of the rest Bungie has debuted in the past. Beyond those things, however, the developer hasn’t shared that many details about what else we might be able to expect when the expansion drops.

That’s why, right now, it’s a good idea to stockpile useful resources and goodies you can use in battle to come out on top, like with the Map Fragments at your disposal during Destiny 2 Season 18.

Destiny 2 is currently available on Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, PC (through the Epic Games Store) and Stadia.

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