Is your iPhone’s battery draining out quicker after iOS 16 update? This may be the cause – The Economic Times

When Apple‘s new operating system, the iOS 16 rolled out a few days ago, it came packed with a bunch of new features such as Lock Screen display customisation option, iMessage edit features along with some privacy updates.

The new iOS 16 update offers iPhone users a whole new user experience on the device, which means, users can do more with and on their smartphone. But what about the phone’s battery life?

After the update, several Apple users complained about witnessing a sudden drop in their iPhone’s battery performance. Well, the ‘keyboard haptics’ feature on the iOS 16 could be the reason behind that.

The battery draining issue on iPhones could be resolved … to a point. As per support documents shared by Apple recently, the tech giant warns users about ‘keyboard haptics’ feature’s impact on iPhone’s battery life.

“Turning on keyboard haptics might affect the battery life of your iPhone,” Apple said.


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The keyboard haptics feature makes a sound or vibrates when you type on your iPhone’s keyboard. The Cupertino-based tech giant didn’t explain how exactly the feature affects iPhone’s battery or to what extent but did share steps to activate or deactivate keyboard haptics on the device.

The feature consumes battery every time an user makes contact with the iPhone’s display and uses prompts. Even on the Low Power Mode, the feature doesn’t get disabled, which means it still consumes battery despite the iPhone running on battery saver mode.

Even the new lock screen feature on the iOS 16 can impact the phone’s battery life. It demands how you have set up your widget or wallpaper and the selection of apps appearing on it. For example, the Weather app tracks your current location periodically and if it is displayed on your widget or lock screen, then the feature will consume your battery more and your iPhone may run out of battery power sooner.

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