Horoscope Today: September 28, 2022 – VOGUE India

See what the stars have in store for your sign


But, it’s not about you, Pisces. It never was. Maybe they’re not ready to go all in. Maybe they’re not ready for this sort of commitment. The best thing you can do for yourself is manage your expectations and invest in relationships where you feel reciprocated. Gemini, the cards are reminding you of the power of open and honest connection. The power of telling it like it is despite the voices in your head. Something tells us you will find a way to resolve the situation sooner than you imagine. Cancer, we all yearn for the smell and taste of the familiar. We all yearn to be in the arms of the beloved who taught us that home was not a place but a feeling. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean the familiar is good for us. So, listen to the voice of wisdom as you reaffirm your boundaries. Putting yourself first is a lesson you’re being asked to learn this retrograde season.

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