Covid may increase heart ailments if it becomes endemic: Expert – The Indian Express

The Covid-19 pandemic has increased the progression of complications arising from heart ailments, said Dr Sameer Dani, director, cardiology services, Apollo CVHF Heart Institute, Ahmedabad, adding that it can become a considerable risk factor if Covid-19 becomes endemic.

Speaking a day before the World Heart Day on September 29, Dr Dani said, “Based on what we have observed, people who had pre-existing coronary artery diseases have more complications with Covid-19… more heart failures, more heart attacks and rapid progress of blockages.”

Adding that even those who did not have pre-existing heart diseases stand higher chance to develop heart problems once they get Covid-19, Dani said, “We have seen three or four cases where a 10-20 per cent blockage before Covid-19, progressed to 90 per cent blockage in six to eight months after Covid. If it becomes endemic, then it will become important to take care of post-Covid precautions to prevent heart problems.”

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