Horoscope Today: September 29, 2022 – VOGUE India

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It feels like home, doesn’t it, Capricorn? The fact that you can come as you are. The fact that you can be the most authentic version of yourself in every situation. The fact that you never have to hide the parts of you that you have been made to believe are unpalatable. Truth bomb, Aquarius: the emotionally unavailable act is getting a little old. So, pay attention to how and where you are blowing hot and cold. Pay attention to how and where you are shutting yourself off. We understand that vulnerability takes a lot of courage. The good thing is, you are worthy of being loved just as you are. You’ve had your share of ups and downs, Gemini. You’ve had your share of agreeing for the sake of agreeing so you can maintain harmony at home. But, you’re at a point in your journey where you understand each other deeply and respect each other’s choices fully. You’re willing to show up for them just as they consistently show up for you and that’s what makes everyday phenomenal. 

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