On PM Modi’s ‘polarisation in politics’ remark, Nitish hits back: ‘I don’t…’ – Hindustan Times

Updated on Sep 02, 2022 02:14 PM IST

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday slammed the opposition saying that action against the corrupt has caused “polarisation in national politics”.

Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar. (Photo by Santosh Kumar/Hindustan Times)
By | Edited by Chandrashekar Srinivasan, New Delhi

The war of words between the new ruling coalition in Bihar – headed by the Janata Dal (United) and the Rashtriya Janata Dal – and the now-opposition Bharatiya Janata Party was renewed Friday after chief minister Nitish Kumar hit back at Prime Minister Narendra Modi over his ‘polarisation in national politics’ remark. Speaking to reporters, Nitish laughed off the PM’s statement and referred to a former prime minister, the late Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

Nitish Kumar said he had done a lot of work when Vajpayee was the PM at the head of a BJP national government and was continuing to do a lot of work now in Bihar.

“When Vajpayee was prime minister, I got the opportunity to work with him. He had taken care of everyone. Now, when I have got the opportunity to work in Bihar, I am doing the same. I have been working for several years, therefore if someone at the Centre says something, I don’t pay any attention,” he said with a smile on his face.

Nitish Kumar – at loggerheads with the BJP since he walked out of an alliance that secured his chief minister’s position in the 2020 election – also refuted claims of ‘polarisation in politics’.

“Nobody is shielding the corrupt. They (the BJP) should think about what’s happening in other states,” the chief minister said.

Modi – who earlier today commissioned the country’s first made-in-India aircraft carrier, the INS Vikrant – had launched a sharp verbal attack Thursday. Speaking outside the Cochin International Airport, he said action against corrupt people had led to a new polarisation in national politics, with some openly trying to save those facing charges.

“I had said from the Red Fort on 15th August that the time has come to fight decisively against corruption. However, what we see is that as we take action against the corrupt persons, there has emerged a new polarisation in national politics,” Modi said.

Nitish Kumar’s latest salvo at Modi comes after his meeting with Telangana chief minister K Chandrashekar Rao (KCR) in Patna on Tuesday. The two held a joint press conference and threw blows at the centre, with KCR calling for a ‘BJP-mukt Bharat (BJP-free India)’.

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Russia’s Scripted War Games Failing to Prepare Troops, Aim to Impress: U.K.

Russian military exercises involving forces from China and other allies are a PR stunt that will involve far fewer troops than previous war games, according to British defense officials.

Russia said the Vostok 2022 (East 2022) exercises that last until September 7 would take place at seven firing ranges in Russia’s Far East and the Sea of Japan, involving more than 50,000 troops and 5,000 weapons units, including 140 aircraft and 60 warships.

General Valery Gerasimov, chief of the Russian general staff, will oversee the drills, which will involve troops from several ex-Soviet nations as well as China, India, Laos, Mongolia, Nicaragua and Syria.

The British Ministry of Defense (MOD) said on Friday that it was “unlikely” that more than 15,000 personnel would be “actively involved this year,” around one-fifth of the forces that took part in the last Vostok exercise in 2018.

A Russian Defense Ministry Press Service Chinese troops march during the Vostok 2022 military exercise at a firing range in Russia’s Far East, Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2022. British Ministry of Defense officials said on September, 2, 2022, that the drills were “heavily scripted.”
Vadim Savitsky/Russian Defense Ministry Press Service via AP

It said that the performance of the Russian military during its invasion of Ukraine has shown how strategic exercises conducted by Russia, such as Vostok, “have failed to sustain the military’s ability to conduct large scale, complex operations.”

“Such events are heavily scripted, do not encourage initiative, and primarily aim to impress Russian leaders and international audiences.”

Newsweek has contacted the Russian defense ministry for comment about the daily assessment by British defense officials, which usually emphasizes the country’s military losses and shortcomings.

Dionis Cenusa, visiting fellow at the Eastern Europe Studies Center, told Newsweek that the drills were part of a Russian propaganda effort aimed at the West and Global South.

“Since Western sanctions were triggered to punish and deter further Russian aggression against Ukraine, Moscow has been working hard to strengthen dialogue with ‘friendly’ countries around the world using all international platforms to which it has access,” he said.

“The objective is vital and is to disprove to the West that Russia is isolated and to show the domestic audience that the West cannot unite around itself and against Russia.”

Other experts noted how much smaller the drills were compared with the last time they took place in 2018.

“We knew that Vostok 2022 would be far smaller than previous annual command-staff exercises,” tweeted military analyst Rob Lee, “but compare the first two photos from the Vostok 2022 opening ceremony to the last two from Vostok 2018.”

He shared images of a much smaller turnout at Thursday’s ceremony at Sergeevsky training area in the Primorsky region, which contrasted with the same event four years ago.

Dara Massicot, senior policy researcher at the RAND Corporation, tweeted that the comparison of the images was “revealing,” adding, “it makes the strain of the war in Ukraine more noticeable this time.”

“Vostok 2018 was so large they held it at Tsugol training area in Siberia. Not so this year,” Massicot tweeted, adding that Russia’s Eastern Military District units, “where this is taking place, were sent to Belarus and on to the Kyiv offensive, before being repurposed elsewhere.”

Alexander Gabuev, senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, told the Associated Press that the exercises would allow Beijing “to show to the U.S. that it has levers to pressure America and its global interests.”

They would also signal that if the U.S. pressure on Beijing continues “it will have no other choice but to strengthen the military partnership with Russia.”

Sarang Shidore, director of studies at the Quincy Institute, wrote in Responsible Statecraft that the list of countries from outside the former Soviet Union joining as participants or observers in Vostok 2022 “is much longer,” and that “the true significance of Vostok 2022 is not size, but its participants.”

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Ray J Claims Kris Jenner Tried to ‘Ruin’ Him: She ‘Masterminded Everything’

Kim Kardashian‘s ex Ray J has once again accused her mom, Kris Jenner, of orchestrating the leak of their infamous sex tape.

The singer, whose real name is Ray Norwood, featured in the 2007 video which shot Kardashian, 41, and her family to fame.

Ray J, 41, decided to throw in his two cents during a family beef between Jenner, Kardashian and the latter’s former husband, Kanye West.

The rapper went on a since-deleted Instagram rant about the incident, with Kardashian begging him to stop dragging her mom into their drama.

Newsweek has reached out to Kris Jenner for comment.

Ray J and Kim Kardashian at Charlotte Ronson’s 2006 Fall/Winter fashion show (R). Kris Jenner attends The Fashion Awards 2021 on November 29, 2021 in London. Ray J has once again said it was Jenner who ‘masterminded’ the release of the former couple’s sex tape.
WireImage/John Shearer/Karwai Tang

West also lashed at out at his former wife and her mom about their conflict over where to send their kids to school.

“Don’t let Kris make you do playboy like she made Kyle and Kim do … Hollywood is a giant brothel … Pornography destroyed my family I deal with the addiction instagram promotes it … Not gonna let it happen to Northy and Chicago,” West wrote alongside a screenshot of Kylie Jenner’s former assistant, Victoria Villarroel.

Kardashian then reached out to Kanye with a message from Jenner begging him to stop harassing her, which West also posted to Instagram.

“From my mom – PLEASE,” Kardashian’s text to her estranged husband began.

“Tell him to please stop mentioning my name. I’m almost 67 years old and I don’t always feel great and this stresses me to no end.”

Ray J commented on that post where he accused Jenner of being the brains behind the sex tape leak.

“What about my mom Kris? You telling people false stories about me, making the black man look horrible, for your gain,” he started.

He then accused Jenner of introducing him to Steven Hirsch, the CEO of Vivid which was the company that released the 2007 sex tape.

Newsweek is still trying to verify these claims.

The former couple (Ray J and Kardashian) dated from 2002 to 2006 and reportedly filmed the sex tape during Kardashian’s birthday celebrations in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in 2004.

The tape, Kim Kardashian, Superstar, was released in March 2007.

This is not the first time Ray J has accused Jenner of leaking the sex tape, but admitted he suggested the idea to Kardashian as a way to boost both their profiles.

“I’ve never leaked anything. I have never leaked a sex tape in my life. It has never been a leak. It’s always been a deal and a partnership between Kris Jenner and Kim and me and we’ve always been partners since the beginning of this thing,” Ray J told the Daily Mail.

He said he had seen how Paris Hilton’s sex tape with Rick Salomon boosted her profile and spoke to her about releasing their sex tape.

Vivid Entertainment said at the time it purchased the tape from a “third party” for $1 million.

Before the release of the tape in February 2007 Kardashian sued Vivid Entertainment for invasion of privacy and for the profits from and ownership of the tape. However, she dropped the suit in April and settled for $5 million.

In 2017, Hirsch confirmed the deal was not brokered by Kardashian or Jenner and maintained that Kardashian fought against its release.

“It was that these people had the footage and were looking to sell it,” he told Page Six but never revealed the identity of the party looking to sell the tape.

He called rumors that Jenner orchestrated the release “nonsense” but author and another ex of Ray J, Karine Steffans, also quoted in the same article said both Kardashian and Ray J would have had to sign off for the tape to ever be release.

“In order for that tape to come out, Kim would have had to have signed off on it, period. That’s just the way that works … Steve Hirsch would never have gone against that if he didn’t have signatures.”

Ray J is no stranger to calling out the famous reality family, and earlier this year slammed them for allegedly using him to create drama for a storyline about the sex tape in the most recent season of their Hulu show, The Kardashians.

Even though the sex tape no longer defines Kardashian’s career, the 41-year-old was seen grappling with the prospect of her four children being exposed to the tape online.

Viewers watched Kardashian in tears after West delivered her a hard drive said to be from Ray J, which allegedly contained unreleased footage of the reality star’s infamous sex tape.

The singer disputed the events in the episode, calling them “a lie.”

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‘Big Brother”s Brittany Hoopes Hatches New Game Plan After Kyle’s Exit

Brittany Hoopes has revealed her new Big Brother strategy following Kyle Capener’s eviction.

Kyle, 29, was unanimously voted out by his fellow Houseguests on the September 1 episode of the CBS reality show after being at the center of some major drama.

Before his eviction, Kyle admitted to his co-stars that his decisions and alliances in the game had been “rooted in race.” This came after fans said that producers were protecting him by “hiding Kyle’s racism.”

Following Kyle’s exit, Brittany has revealed that she will now be targeting Terrance Higgins and Alyssa Snider as part of her game plan, as she is worried that if they stay in the show they will win.

Brittany Hoopes and Taylor Hale in the “Big Brother” house. Hoopes revealed her strategy to her co-star.

Speaking to her co-star Taylor Hale in footage that was shown on the Big Brother live feed, Brittany revealed that she thinks Terrance and Alyssa are both fierce competitors.

“I think they are both strong. [I want] Terrance gone first but I don’t think any of us should discount how Alyssa could do at the end. If she makes it to the end, she wins,” the player said.

Brittany, who was accused by fans of using Kyle’s scandal to further her chances in the game, continued to discuss what could be in store for the Houseguests throughout the week, and seemed concerned about who may win the Power of Veto competition.

As Big Brother fans know, whoever wins the Power of Veto competition has the power to change the initial nominations made by the Head of Household if they wish to.

Brittany has revealed she wants to get Alyssa Snider and Terrance Higgins out of the “Big Brother” house next. Kyle Capener has been evicted.

“Say it’s Terrance and Alyssa, and Alyssa wins veto…if we didn’t put up [Matthew] Turner, who would that leave? Say they put up me. That would have Monte [Taylor], you, Alyssa voting. We should still get to determine who goes. That’s scary though,” Brittany told Taylor as she continued to strategize.

Brittany then reiterated that Terrance and Alyssa are her main threats, saying: “The veto comp is going to be everyone but one person playing. We just can’t let Terrance or Alyssa win.”

Meanwhile, Kyle spoke with host Julie Chen Moonves following his eviction and reflected on his past few days in the house.

Kyle Capener with Julie Chen Moonves. He was evicted from the “Big Brother” house on September 1.

“It was a very tough week but I am feeling so grateful to have this experience with all these amazing people. They shared so much love and compassion for someone who is as flawed as I am,” he said.

Kyle added: “I just feel so grateful to have had this experience and have it with these houseguests.”

After Kyle’s exit interview, Chen Moonves revealed that the next eviction, on September 8, will be another double eviction.

Big Brother airs on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays on CBS.

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Bethenny Frankel Calls Meghan Markle ‘Self Important’ and ‘Mimicking Diana’

Reality TV star Bethenny Frankel has called Meghan Markle “self important” and “sanctimonious” in a recent podcast episode, before going on to say that the duchess has been “mimicking” Princess Diana in the way she delivers a message.

Frankel, who rose to notoriety for her appearances on the Bravo reality show The Real Housewives of New York, opened up about her feelings towards Meghan on her JustB podcast in an episode titled “The Real Housewife of Buckingham Palace.”

The reality star’s comments come as Meghan recently launched her own solo podcast, Archetypes, with streaming giant Spotify and took part in a candid interview with New York magazine’s The Cut.

Bethenny Frankel (L) photographed, June 2, 2022. And Meghan Markle (R) January 18, 2018. The reality show star discussed the Duchess of Sussex’s latest media interactions in a podcast episode titled “The Real Housewife of Buckingham Palace.”
Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic/Chris Jackson/Getty Images

“I don’t think people like Meghan Markle because I think she talks down to other people,” Frankel told podcast listeners on Thursday. “I think she’s sanctimonious and I think there’s this subtext of elevation. She’s up there, we’re down here.”

The star continued to suggest that Meghan presents the air of a person who believes that they have “institutional knowledge on life and has experienced more than any of us.”

“She’s very self-important and she’s very much like a Housewife,” she said referring to the reality TV franchise. “In that she can’t stop talking about the very thing that she wants to be irrelevant.”

Frankel’s main criticism of Meghan is that the duchess continues to discuss or subtly allude to her experiences with the British royal family in her podcast episodes and interviews, despite forging a new life for herself and her family away from them in California.

“So you wanted out of there? OK you got out but it is your husband’s family and you keep beating the same storyline,” she said about Meghan’s stepping down as a full-time royal.

“You want to be a voice for change, a woman for female empowerment, to talk about racism and how unacceptable it is, what it’s like to be a woman of color? So do that. So do that in the future.

“Why do we keep, in these subtle nuanced ways, keep referencing things that happened in the past with this one family that doesn’t reflect most of the world? That’s not relatable.”

Later, Frankel said that Meghan had a relatability problem in the way she presents her message, something the star described as “that poised, orchestrated elegance, in that mimicking of Diana, in that Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy-style intentional, very natural, very slow speech.”

“Being aghast at the word ‘diva,'” she said in reference to Meghan’s latest podcast episode where she discussed the negative connotations of the word when applied to women with guest star Mariah Carey. “Who are you relating to?”

Meghan Markle photographed October 25, 2018. The duchess’ solo podcast “Archetypes” topped the Spotify podcasting charts on both sides of the Atlantic after the launch of it’s first episode.
Chris Jackson/Getty Images

This is not the first time that Frankel has spoken critically about Meghan. In 2021, after the announcement that the royal alongside Prince Harry had filmed a tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey about their experiences within the royal family, the star took to Twitter.

She wrote: “Cry me a river…the plight of being a game show host, fairly unknown actress, to suffering in a palace, w tiaras & 7 figure weddings for TWO WHOLE YEARS to being a household name w @Oprah on speed dial, fetching 7 m for interviews, hundreds of millions in media deals. #MARRY”

In response to this, Frankel faced many critical comments including from author Glennon Doyle who replied to the Tweet: “The effing irony. Special place in hell, @Bethenny.”

Discussing this on her podcast Just B, Frenkel said that she was contacted by an A-List celebrity who requested she retract her comment about Meghan.

“I had a very A-list celebrity, a very wealthy person, call me when I commented on Meghan Markle before the Oprah interview and said to me: ‘Can you please take down what you said, they can barely stand up in Frogmore Cottage and they can’t afford their security,'” she said.

In her recent interview with The Cut, Meghan intimated that there may be more royal revelations to come as she kept a diary during her time in Britain and was never asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

“It’s interesting, I’ve never had to sign anything that restricts me from talking,” she told journalist Allison P. Davis. “I can talk about my whole experience and make a choice not to.”

When asked why she doesn’t talk, the royal responded that she was “still healing” from the events that unfolded.

Meghan’s Archetypes podcast debuted on August 25 and became a near instant hit, topping the Spotify podcast charts on both sides of the Atlantic, toppling top spot inhabitant Joe Rogan in the U.S.

Newsweek approached representatives of Frankel and Meghan Markle for comment.

For more royal news and commentary check out Newsweek’s The Royal Report podcast:

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Your smartphone and laptop are ageing you faster: Excessive blue light from our gadgets may accelerate ageing – Times Now

Blue Light of electronic devices harmful: Get Digital Detox (Photo: Pixabay)

It is literally cell vs cell: Your body’s cells against the cell phone in your hands… or any digital device that you work on — for that matter. Excessive exposure to blue light emitted from modern technology such as cell phones, TVs, and computer screens, impacts our basic cellular function and can accelerate ageing, a new study reveals.

Results published in Frontiers in Aging claim that too much screen (we already know it is linked to obesity and psychological problems) has been identified as a new problem that may be directly affecting our basic cellular functions due to the blue light emitted by these devices.

“Excessive exposure to blue light from everyday devices, such as TVs, laptops, and phones, may have detrimental effects on a wide range of cells in our body, from skin and fat cells to sensory neurons,” said Dr Jadwiga Giebultowicz, a professor at the Department of Integrative Biology at Oregon State University and senior author of this study. The study involved fruit flies as subjects.

“We are the first to show that the levels of specific metabolites – chemicals that are essential for cells to function correctly – are altered in fruit flies exposed to blue light.“

“Our study suggests that avoidance of excessive blue light exposure may be a good anti-ageing strategy,” advised Giebultowicz.

“We used a fairly strong blue light on the flies – humans are exposed to less intense light, so cellular damage may be less dramatic. The results from this study suggest that future research involving human cells is needed to establish the extent to which human cells may show similar changes in metabolites involved in energy production in response to excessive exposure to blue light,“ Giebultowicz told NeuroscienceNews.com.

Turn off the light:

Interesting research done by the team at Oregon State University has previously shown that fruit flies exposed to light ‘turn on’ stress-protective genes and that those kept in constant darkness lived longer. Jaga Giebultowicz, a researcher in the OSU College of Science who studies biological clocks, led a collaboration that examined the survival rate of flies kept in darkness and then moved at progressively older ages to an environment of constant blue light from light-emitting diodes, or LEDs.

The darkness-to-light transitions occurred at the ages of two, 20, 40 and 60 days, and the study involved blue light’s effect on the mitochondria (which act as a cell’s power plant, generating adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, a source of chemical energy) of the flies’ cells, reports the Oregon State University report posted online.
In earlier research, Giebultowicz showed that prolonged exposure to blue light affected flies’ longevity, regardless of whether it shined in their eyes.

Why does blue light affect adversely?

“To understand why high-energy blue light is responsible for accelerating ageing in fruit flies, we compared the levels of metabolites in flies exposed to blue light for two weeks to those kept in complete darkness,” explained Giebultowicz.

Blue light exposure caused significant differences in the levels of metabolites measured by the researchers in the cells of fly heads. In particular, they found that the levels of the metabolite succinate were increased, but glutamate levels were lowered.

“Succinate is essential for producing the fuel for the function and growth of each cell. High levels of succinate after exposure to blue light can be compared to gas being in the pump but not getting into the car,” said Giebultowicz. “Another troubling discovery was that molecules responsible for communication between neurons, such as glutamate, are at the lower level after blue light exposure.”

Will we all die earlier because of gadgets?

Our body’s cells are operating at the suboptimal level when they are exposed to harsh blue light, and this may cause premature death of the cells due to accelerated ageing.

“LEDs have become the main illumination in display screens such as phones, desktops and TVs, as well as ambient lighting, so humans in advanced societies are exposed to blue light through LED lighting during most of their waking hours. The signalling chemicals in the cells of flies and humans are the same, so there is potential for negative effects of blue light on humans,“ explains Giebultowicz – who hopes to study the effects directly on human cells in the near future.

How to get digital detox and live a longer, healthier life:

Psychologists and health experts argue that any attempt to replace anxiety and depression with peace and joy must have a plan for getting our digital devices and social media under control. All the research indicates that our overuse and misuse of digital technology is one of the greatest causes of mental and emotional distress today, especially among teens.

Here are tips about how to control your blue light exposure:

  1. Start the day with Pranayam, breathing exercises: The control over your breath helps you tell your brain to stay calm, composed and in balance. It sets the tone for a day minus any invitation to anxieties, stresses, or panic situations. Get on with your morning rituals of brushing teeth, exercising, and stretching – before you turn any digital devices on.
  2. Turn off notifications: Your brain needs peace and quiet and all the beeps and buzzes and pings only make you drop what’s on hand to check what is it that demands your immediate attention. You will be happier to not have the nagging sounds bouncing around.
  3. Limit your check-ins to once an hour: What if your phone were a person? Would you allow him or her to interrupt you several times in an hour? Many teens check their phones over thirty times an hour. Commit to checking in only once or twice every hour.
  4. Banish the phone to another room when you are on an important assignment: That way, you not only won’t be interrupted but you also won’t be tempted to reach for it and be distracted from your studies or presentation/proposal that you are working on. This will increase the quality of work time and free up time for other activities.
  5. Find real friends and real activities: Join a group of local explorers who tour your city on weekends. Explore hidden gems like historical places you never visited before. Don’t take your phone on awe walks or when you walk the dog. Go to the green gym in the open area of your housing complex – without your digital junk.
  6. Shut out TV screens or computer monitors from the bedroom: No electronics in the sacrosanct space of the bedroom. Only sleep and sex be the activities for which the bedroom is reserved. You will see your sleep quality improve when your electronic machinery leaves the bedroom zone.
  7. Cut out pre-bed use of your phone: Or of the laptop. Our body secretes melatonin, a hormone that induces sleep by slowing down and/or shutting down daytime mechanisms. Blue light mimics daylight and sends the circadian rhythm of the body for a toss. Using screens right before bed not only introduces things to worry about into our minds, but also delays, interrupts, and shortens sleep.

The Bottom Line:

All scientific research encourages us to proactively take our lives back from the overwhelming wave of technological revolution. Experts reiterate that if we can get digital technology under control, we will do so much better—physically, intellectually, relationally, vocationally, educationally, financially, emotionally, and spiritually.

Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purposes only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or a dietician before starting any fitness programme or making any changes to your diet.

Brahmastra: The massive budget of Ranbir Kapoor-Alia Bhatt film, star cast fees and more details will leave y – Bollywood Life

Brahmastra ready to enthrall all on September 9

Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor’s movie Brahmastra is all set to release on September 9, 2022. It is for the first time that the real-life couple would be sharing the screen space. It is Ayan Mukerji’s dream project and it has taken almost four years of effort to put this film in place. Now, all eyes are on the box office numbers of the film. But before the film makes it to the theatres, here are all the big updates about the film. From budget to star casts’ fees, here’s all you need to know about the mighty Brahmastra.

Lufthansa cancels 800 flights on Friday due to pilots strike | Mint – Mint

German carrier Lufthansa has said that it is cancelling almost all passenger and cargo flights on Friday due to the planned strike action by the pilots.

The flights will be cancelled from its two biggest hubs, Frankfurt and Munich, it said.

A union representing Lufthansa pilots said on early Thursday that they will stage a walk-out after demands for a pay increase were rejected by management.

Lufthansa said some 800 flights would be cancelled, affecting many travellers returning at the end of the summer vacation. The airline’s budget carrier Eurowings would not be affected, it said.

The airline said it was doing everything possible to minimise the effects of Friday’s pilots’ strike, but it could not rule out cancellations or delays in some cases over the weekend.

The union Vereinigung Cockpit accused Lufthansa on Thursday of failing to improve on their previous offer, leaving pilots no choice but to go on strike to press their demands.

According to Lufthansa, the company had offered a one-off increase of 900 euros (USD 900), amounting to a 5per cent increase for senior pilots and an 18 per cent increase for those starting the profession.

The union had called for a 5.5 per cent raise this year and an automatic above-inflation increase in 2023.

In addition, pilots are seeking a new pay and holiday structure that the airline said would increase its staffing costs by about 40 per cent, or some 900 million euros over two years.

Michael Niggemann, the Lufthansa executive board member responsible for human resources, told Reuters that the strike was incomprehensible and defended the airline’s “very good and socially balanced” offer.

Strikes and staff shortages have already forced airlines including Lufthansa to cancel thousands of flights this summer and caused hours-long queues at major airports, frustrating holidaymakers keen to travel after COVID-19 lockdowns. It had already faced strike action this year by security workers and ground staff over pay.

(With inputs from agencies)

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Grandparents Backed for Starting New Life Away From Family: ‘Their Dream’

A mom-of-two has taken to the internet to express her concerns about her elderly parents’ decision to move seven hours away.

In a viral post on U.K. based discussion site Mumsnet, user Smarshian, wrote a lengthy post explaining how “gutted” she is about the move.

But respondents are behind her parents, in their 70s, and encourage the original poster to be “happy” for them as they are “following their dream.”

Smarshian wrote: “The place looks amazing and it really is a wonderful place to be, but I am so gutted that they won’t be around to see the kids more often and just to see them myself. They are not young and have not thought about how they might need help in years to come.”

A stock photo shows a senior couple and two children. In a viral post, grandparents have been backed for moving seven hours away and following their dream rather than staying close to their grandchildren.
monkeybusinessimages/iStock/Getty Images Plus

She also admits she may be “less inclined to help” her parents if they move back in ten years.

The viral post has received more than 170 comments since being posted on August 31; many of which are backing the grandparents.

User, FineWordsForAPorcupine wrote: “Wow. OK, I’m going to assume you’re saying that because, right now, you’re hurt and feel rejected. But you can’t honestly mean that you’ll cut off your parents in their old age solely because they didn’t give up a lifelong dream in order to provide ‘childcare and help’ during ‘the odd hour to get a haircut’ as much as you think they should.”

Very Well Family, an online resource providing information about pregnancy and parenting states: “It is important for parents to be considerate in what they ask from grandparents so that child care doesn’t come at the cost of an amicable relationship. To prevent this scenario, an honest discussion is recommended to share desires and expectations about babysitting.”

The poster said: “I’m not going to be horribly unhappy in my life if [my mother] moves away, and I want her to have and love her own life. I think the thing that worries me most is that she thinks she will still have the same relationship with me and the darling children. We just will not visit. And I don’t mean that as us making a point, we just don’t have loads of holidays to use to do it.”

Smarshian explains that the move has been in the pipeline for ten years but she “never thought they would actually do it.”

User, Aquamarine1029, said: “I understand but your mum has her own life and her own dreams she wants to fulfill. She can’t live just for you and your kids.”

Another user, Cloudonthemountains, agreed: “As you get older, you become more aware of the limited time you have left. That doesn’t half focus the mind on achieving your own dreams. Living a life where you dismiss your own dreams for what you think is someone else’s happiness, is no life.

A stock image shows a senior couple walking along the beach. A couple have been backed online for following their dream despite moving seven hours away from their grandchildren.
monkeybusinessimages/iStock/Getty Images Plus

“To flip your theory on its head, our children would never want us to stay close to them at the expense of us living our own fulfilled lives.”

However, some commenters have admitted they couldn’t leave their family.

Mumsnet user, 80smum said: “As much as I would yearn to go and fulfil my dream and move to my dream home, I wouldn’t be able to bring myself to seek my own happiness at the expense of someone else’s.

“I’m not saying that the original poster’s mum shouldn’t go where her heart desires, just that I would feel bad if pursuing my own dream caused another person’s life to be less happy. Knowing that would take away all of the joy, for me.”

These days long-distance grandparents can stay in touch with their families via smart phones.

Gransnet, a social networking site for over 50s, has advised those who live far away to schedule regular video calls and send letters with photos.

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Sam Asghari Shades Kevin Federline After Britney Spears Responds to Sons

Sam Asghari has backed his wife, Britney Spears, as she publicly called out Kevin Federline in an Instagram message for her sons.

Spears returned to the social media site to make a public statement directed towards her family, with new husband, Asghari, being one of the first to comment and give his support. The Iranian-American actor and model managed to throw shade at the father of Spears’ children, Federline, 44, in the process.

In the Instagram message, Spears, 40, sends “all the love in the world” to her son Jayden after he made a public statement about her, saying she “wasn’t up to his expectations of a mother.” However, Federline comes in for criticism from Spears.

Asghari, 28, lifted a quote from Britney to make his feelings abundantly clear. “Mowing the lawn > professional baby daddy,” he wrote, gaining more than 15,000 likes.

His words are a reference to Spears’ quote in the statement where she says to her sons, “Tell your father to go try and at least mow the lawn.”

Elsewhere in the Instagram post, Spears defends her own state of mind, opens up about her previous workload, and once again implicates her parents, whom she refers to as “memaw and paw paw,” for their role in placing her under a conservatorship.

Britney Spears’ (inset) new husband Sam Asghari (L) has defended her and thrown shade at her ex-husband Kevin Federline (R) in a comment on her latest Instagram post.
Paul Archuleta / Bryan Steffy / JB Lacroix/FilmMagic / WireImage

Asghari wasn’t the only one to give Spears his public support, as hundreds of thousands of people reacted positively to her post.

“You didn’t fail Britney, society failed you,” wrote @nathanbilinsky, gaining thousands of likes.

Other blue-tick Instagram users also weighed in. “Queen! Love you!” wrote model Patricia Costa, while artist Hayden Williams warned, “Britney isn’t playing.”

Other influencers, such as former adult film star Joslyn James, couturier Lloyd Klein and even the Diet Prada brand, shared their support for Spears in the comments.

In an interview with documentary filmmaker Daphne Barak, which is set to air Friday night in the UK on ITV, as reported by the Daily Mail, Jayden confirmed there’s “no hate” between him and his mom. He and his brother, Sean Preston, 16, missed Spears’ June wedding to Asghari.

“I 100 percent think this can be fixed,” Jayden said. “It’s just going to take a lot of time and effort. I just want her to get better mentally. When she gets better, I really want to see her again.”

Addressing his mom directly, the 15-year-old said, “I love you a lot. I hope for the best for you. Maybe one day we can sit down like this and talk again.”

For the first time in two years, Spears has released a new song, “Hold Me Closer,” a collaboration with Sir Elton John.

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